Nordic Infracenter

Nordic Infracenter has the ambition to become a hub for railway related companies in Sweden. We make concrete efforts to strengthen small and medium sized railway related companies and training actors, and develop their competitiveness. This applies to local, regional, national and international markets. The rail industry is faced with major challenges regarding competence, education and security – Nordic Infracenter is an initiative to meet these challenges in short and long term, in close cooperation with the partners.

Nordic Infracenter contributes to promote and position Nässjö region as a significant and leading player in the Nordic rail sector. It is no coincidence that the initiative for Nordic Infracenter was taken in Nässjö: there is a long history of rail competence. From a geographical rail perspective, Nordic Infracenter is centrally located, with Göteborg, Stockholm and Malmö in about two hours away. This is also the only city in the country where you can find the railway going in six directions. Nordic Infracenter also wants to be centrally located in a figurative sense: a place where the rail industry will combine, among other things, skills development and labor supply.

Nordic Infracenter focus on the following areas:


  • Networking and visibility of market players

    Help to provide to the railway related companies a wider range of skills and business partners.

  • Research and Development

    Drive future issues in the rail industry.

  • Labor supply

    Make the rail industry more attractive to job seekers and students.

  • Skills development

    Organize conferences, events and training opportunities to contribute to increase knowledge.

  • Cooperation between school and industry

    Facilitate to students to find internships, in order to create a larger basis of employable workforce on a long-term basis.

  • Safe work conditions

    Be leader in the development of technology and training procedures, to create more secure work conditions.

  • Business development

    Provide and convey consultants and support resources for, primarily, small and medium-sized railway related companies, to develop their operations and profitability.

Hans-Inge Almgren

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Tony Cimen

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Karlagatan 3, 571 31 Nässjö, Sweden


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